Maryam Rofougaran, CEO of Movandi, talks with Microwave Journal about the importance of the CHIPS Act for U.S. foundries and the fabless semiconductor firms they support, like Movandi.

Microwave Journal Media Director, Pat Hindle, talks with Ali Khayrallah, Senior Scientist in Advanced Technology Group at Ericsson, about the motivation for the NSF public-private partnership funding of $37 million for various groups and companies to perform 6G research for intelligent, resilient and reliable networks of the future.

Microwave Journal Media Director, Pat Hindle, talks with DeepSig Founder and CEO, Jim Shea, about how leveraging machine learning for RF interference detection will benefit the industry. DeepSig is using AI to radically improve the performance and security of 5G IoT and other wireless systems so listen to learn how they are doing that.

The famous inventor of the mobile cellular phone and many other wireless technologies, Marty Cooper, talks with Microwave Journal Editors, Pat Hindle and Gary Lerude, about his education, career at Motorola and other companies, the famous first mobile cellular phone call and his passion to conquer the digital divide. Marty's new book, "Cutting the Chord" is available on Amazon here.

Thomas Lorbach, Product Manager for Sub-GHz RF Solutions at NXP and Tom Pannell, Senior Director of Marketing for Edge Processing at NXP talk with Microwave Journal editorial director about the various types of LPWANs, their applications and the hot markets developing on this technology.

Telecom consultant Doug Dawson discusses the capabilities of broadband access technologies in this episode of the Frequency Matters podcast.

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