With much of the workforce working remotely, many companies are increasing their focus on educational content using podcasts and webinars. Participation in these types of media are increasing as people have more time to digest this content since travel and some other activities have ceased. Learn what some companies are doing in these areas to market their content and expertise.

Moderator: Patrick Hindle Editor, Microwave Journal
Guests: Chris Marki, CEO, and Doug Jorgesen, VP of Engineering at Marki Microwave

As the landscape of events changed dramatically in 2020, many eyes turned to virtual events. This is not a new idea, with several outlets doing events in 2019 and earlier. While it is impossible to recreate the experience of attending a live event in person, there appears to be a place in the events’ ecosystem for online events. So, what are the best ways to participate in virtual events? How can they succeed or fail in getting your messaging across? Is there value to doing your own virtual event? Join us for a “virtual” discussion by industry leaders who are wading into this realm of virtual events and benefit from their observations as they outline their successes and warn of pitfalls.

Moderator: Janine Love, Technical Program Director EDI CON & Editor, Signal Integrity
Journal Guests: Marie Hattar, CMO, Keysight Technologies; Carl Sheffres, Publisher, Horizon House

Crisis communications is commonly done in many companies, but no one was prepared for something like today’s environment with COVID-19. How should you craft your branding and messaging during these times? What sensitives should you consider? How do you continue to re-enforce your brand and product messaging? How about using humor or employee focused messaging? Learn what some companies are doing to address these challenges. 

Moderator: Patrick Hindle, Editor, MW Journal 
Guests: Stephanie Georges, CMO at Mercury Systems; Vanessa Boynton, Account Director, and Jill Searl, Account Manager, at Matter Communications

COVID-19 has upended the globe, sending the healthy into isolation to avoid infection while the sick flood the hospitals. When life is no longer normal, how do RF/microwave companies respond to protect their employees, meet customer commitments, help their communities — and manage financially? We’ll explore these questions and how companies are pivoting their marketing plans amidst the uncertainties.

Moderator: Gary Lerude, Technical Editor

MW Journal Guests: Brandi Frye, Corporate VP of Marketing at Qorvo, and Mike Hallman, Associate Publisher at Microwave Journal

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